Surprised West Van candidates


The Liberal win last night sure took the two main West Vancouver-Capilano candidates by surprise.

Before the poles closed NDP candidate Terry Platt told supporters at her campaign office, “I know that we will form government and whether I am part of the government is up to the voters.”

Over at Liberal incumbent Ralph Sultan’s campaign office, the crowd was optimistic from the get-go about Sultan’s victory. But many weren’t expecting a Liberal win, including Sultan himself.

After Global News declared him the local winner, he thanked the crowd for their support of his campaign despite Christy Clark likely not making it.

To the shock on many present, the Liberals were soon declared the winners.

After the official results were in, Platt told me, “I though we would do much better. We’re all surprised but that’s the will of the voters.”

I’m guessing opinion poles will be taken with a big grain of salt next election.

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